Taro Safari Pops

2 Tbsp Taro Bubble Tea Powder
1/2 Can Coconut Milk
Sugar or Natural Sweetner (to taste)
Vanilla Ice Cream Optional*

Bring Coconut Milk to a boil on medium heat. Once the milk is boiling, add in the Taro Powder. Stir until mixed. Add in sugar to your preferred sweetness. Let the mix cool. Once cool, poor the mix in the Safari Pop Molds. Freeze filled molds for 6 or more hours.

*If you want to get creative, scoop a small amount of vanilla ice cream into the Safari Molds then pour the Taro mix over top the ice cream. You will have Vanilla Ice Cream filled Taro Pops! Enjoy!

Welcome to the jungle with this Safari Pop Mold. Each set includes four (4) characters: a curious Professor, Parrot, Elephant, and Monkey. Although they prefer warmer climates, these tropical creatures fit compactly in your freezer. Learn More.

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