Green Smoothie Unicorn Pops

Hi Zoku Friends, 

While the summer season is flashing before our eyes, we asked our instagram followers what kind of popsicle recipes they wanted to see on our blog. After going through our feedback we noticed a lot of recommendations for green smoothie pops! Which we believe is such a healthy way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into a fun popsicle - with a great taste. Since the beginning of having to quarantine at home - I myself have been making many green smoothies and juices. They are a great source of energy - and you can get them to taste really good - not what you expect when someone says “green juice” . Below are a few recipes that you can create and turn the leftovers into popsicles. 



Kiwi Banana Spinach 

1 cup of Spinach
1 Banana
1 Kiwi
1 cup of milk (or substitute)
2 tablespoon of honey



1. First blend the spinach and milk until smooth.

2. Next, add the banana, kiwi and honey and blend until smooth. Add more honey if needed.

3. Pour the mixture into Zoku’s Flamingo Ice Pop Molds.

4. Place in the freezer for at least 6 hours.

5. Enjoy these delicious green smoothie pops



Banana Mango Pineapple Spinach 


1 cup coconut water
1 cup of orange juice
2 cups spinach
1 cup of pineapple chunks (frozen)
1 Mango



1. Add all ingredients in the order listed to a blender until smooth

2. Pour the mixture into Zoku’s Flamingo Pop Molds

3. Place in the freezer and let sit for at least 6 hours

4. Take out of the freezer and enjoy this healthy version of a popsicle.



Kale Pineapple Banana 


1 cup of kale
1 cup frozen pineapples
1 banana
1 cup of coconut water



1. Add all ingredients into a blender, blend until smooth.

2. Pour the mixture into Zoku Flamingo Pop Molds

3. Place in freezer and let sit for at least 8 hours

4. Remove the pops from the freezer and enjoy! 



We hope these recipes inspire you to create your own healthy green smoothie flamingo pops. Comment and let us know if you tried any of these or have created your own recipes. We love seeing what our Zoku followers come up with! 

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