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Ten frozen treat recipes inspired by Team Zoku's favorite shows and movies

Ten frozen treat recipes inspired by Team Zoku's favorite shows and movies

By Sales Assistant at Zoku

We know these past few weeks have been difficult for everyone. We have experienced a tremendous impact in our daily lives and many of us have ended up with some unexpected free time. One way we will be spending time is by catching up on our favorite movies and shows. We wanted to share a few creative frozen recipe ideas that pair with Team Zoku’s favorite movies and shows. 



1.) The Lady and the Tramp 
Spaghetti Ice Cream 

The Lady and the Tramp can be found on the streaming service Disney + in live action and cartoon versions. This classic story follows two dogs who get into many adventures. We all know and love the classic scene where Lady and Tramp are eating the bowl of spaghetti. This fun recipe allows you to make ice cream that looks like spaghetti! Use Zoku’s Ice Cream maker to make a batch of ice cream, any flavor you would like. When the ice cream is ready using a slotted spoon or large ladle (the one with small round holes), carefully press the well frozen ice cream through the holes so that the strings of ice cream resemble spaghetti. 



2.) Madagascar
Marty’s Banana Pops 

Madagascar can be streamed on Amazon Prime. We are obsessed with the penguins in this movie! “Just smile and wave boys” - these adorable penguins even have their own movie sequel. This movie follows animals that escape from the Central Park Zoo. Zoku’s Safari Pops fit this theme perfectly with the zookeeper, elephant, parrot, and monkey. Blend Bananas and peanut butter together and add to mold, a recipe anyone would love. 


3.) Frozen 
Queen Elsa’s Icy Coconut Pops 

This animated movie can be streamed on the Disney + platform. One of the things we love about Frozen are the catchy songs, they make us want to sing along every time. For this recipe we want to pair coconut flavored pops with our Princess Penelope Character Pop Mold. Mix coconut milk, heavy cream, and finely shaved coconut to Zoku’s Princess Penelope Character Pop Mold.  



4.) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie’s Chocolate Pops

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory can be streamed on Amazon Prime. This is a remake of a classic film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, that follows Charlie on his journey into the chocolate factory after finding a rare golden ticket. Mix sugar, all-purpose flour, baking cocoa, milk, your favorite candy and add to any of our Zoku Pop Molds to make delicious chocolate pops and imagine yourself exploring the chocolate factory. 



5.) Finding Nemo
Orange Fish Pops 

Finding Nemo can be streamed on the Disney + streaming service. We love this family friendly movie. This film is an animated movie based on a little orange fish who loses his family and the adventure his dad goes on to find him. Plus there is a great sequel, Finding Dory, to follow up with. For these fun pops we are going to use our Zoku Fish pop molds. Mix orange juice and yogurt in a blender, pour into pop molds and freeze, for easy orange flavor pops. 



6.) Ice Age
Melting Icy Blue Pops

Ice age can be found on Disney + streaming service. This animated movie follows prehistoric animals like a wooly mammoth, a sabertooth tiger and a sloth while they migrate during the start of the ice age. Zoku’s Polar Pops match well with Ice Age the movie. For this pairing we would like to make blue raspberry ice pops. Mix blue jello, boiling water, cold water, and vanilla yogurt. Pour into Zoku’s Polar Pop Molds and freeze.



7.) Mandalorian
Yoda’s Matcha Pops 

This TV series was trending for the cutest reason… Baby Yoda! The Mandalorian can be found exclusively on Disney + streaming service. We recommend giving this series a watch. It is a new show, with only one season, so it is a quick and easy watch. For this pairing, we would like to make matcha pops in Zoku’s mini pop molds. Mix vanilla yogurt, honey, vanilla, and matcha and add to mini pop molds for a fun mini treat. 



8.) Home Alone
Kevin’s Cookie Shake 

Home Alone can be found on Netflix streaming service. This is a great feel good movie we love to watch at any time (not only around christmas)! Being at home makes us feel comfortable so we wanted to give you a feelgood way to mix up your milkshake. Start by adding your milkshake base to the Zoku slush and Shake maker, when a thicker consistency is stirred, add your favorite crumbled cookies and mix in with the base for a creamy cookie crumble shake. 



9.) Guardians of the Galaxy
I am Groot Pops 

Guardians of the Galaxy can be steamed on Disney +. This Marvel movie is definitely worth a watch. It is about a galactic adventure with not your typical superheroes and our favorite character Groot! For this recipe we would match space pops with pop rocks. Blend pureed fruit as a base and add pop rocks before adding to the mold for a fun popping twist. 



10.) Nailed it
Home Baker’s Creation

Nailed it is a Netflix original and can only be found on Netflix streaming service. This show is bound to make you laugh a few times per episode. It follows home bakers who struggle baking in the kitchen and makes them recreate a dessert where one contestant will win a cash prize. If you have not heard of this series, we strongly recommend it for a good laugh. For this pairing, we would like to make you the home baker and see what you come up with using Zoku’s Ice Cream Maker. Let us know your recipes for ice cream! We can’t wait to see what our home bakers come up with. 

Again, we hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult time! Hopefully this list of movies and paired recipes will help you pass some time with a little fun, while enjoying a delicious treat. Let us know what you have been watching lately!

Best Regards, 

The Zoku Family

2 Responses

Zoku Team

Zoku Team

August 07, 2020

Hello Martha – we’re so happy to hear this! It means a lot to us. If you have any recipe ideas, please forward them to us, we’re all ears :)

Martha Anderson

Martha Anderson

August 07, 2020

Thanks for the great ideas! I’m looking forward to making several of these. We have almost every type of makers—rocket pops, ice cream bowl, and our first item the shake maker. Most recently I’ve added the pops maker and keeper. We are ready for something new and tasty. Again, thanks to for the fun.

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