3 Easy Mocktail Recipes

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A Mocktail is a fun play on a cocktailbut with no alcohol. Because these are non-alcoholic, they can be great for pregnant moms, designated drivers, kids, or anyone who just doesn’t want to drink alcohol. Everyone can enjoy this activity. 






Margaritas are a widely known, popular drink. They can be served frozen or over icefor this mocktail recipe we are going to be making a non-alcoholic margarita served over a Zoku Ice Ball


1 tbsp simple syrup 
6 oz lime juice
8 oz lemon juice 
2 oz orange juice 
kosher salt for glass rim
lime wedges for garnish


Pour kosher salt onto a plate, take a lime wedge and rub the rim of the glass and dip into salt. Pour simple syrup, lime juice, lemon juice, and orange juice into a glass with a Zoku Ice Ball. Cover and shake. Pour mixture into salt rimmed glass add lime garnish and enjoy an ice cold mocktail margarita. 






You’ve probably seen a Moscow Mule before being severed in a copper mug. For this mocktail recipe we will be using non-alcoholic ginger beer to recreate this classic and chilled with Zoku Jumbo Ice.



5 oz non alcoholic ginger beer
2 oz fresh lime juice
4 oz club soda
mint leaves
lime wedges for garnish


Pour fresh lime juice, non-alcoholic ginger beer, and club soda into a glass with Zoku Jumbo Ice, shake and serve in a copper mug (if you have one) but a glass will be just fine. Use mint leaves and lime wedges as garnish. 






This mocktail mojito is lovely, minty and refreshing!



Mint leaves
5 oz lime juice
1 tbsp agave
4 oz club soda
lime wedges for garnish
cut strawberry pieces. 


The night before, freeze water in Zoku Cube Ice with sliced strawberry and mint pieces.


The next day or when ice is frozen, in a glass muddle mint leaves and pour lime juice and sweetener. Add Zoku Jumbo Ice Cubes and pour club soda on top. Add a lime wedge to the rim of the glass and enjoy this minty mocktail mojito.  

We hope you try these fun mocktail recipes. Let us know if you create any of these recipes or your own by tagging us on instagram @zokuhq. We love seeing all your images and how creative you are!

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