Cherry Limeade Quick Pops


Makes 6 Pops

1 cup (8 fl oz) all natural limeade
6 oz (a heaping cup) fresh or frozen pitted, sweet, dark cherries*
zest of a fresh lime

In a blender, combine limeade, cherries, and lime zest; puree until smooth.

Insert the sticks into the Zoku Quick Pop Maker and pour the Cherry Limeade base to the fill line of each cavity. Let freeze completely, then remove the pops with the Super Tool. Repeat with remaining pops. If you’re going for the striped look, layer the Cherry Limeade base with plain limeade, just be sure to allow each layer to freeze before adding the next layer. Please note that layering flavors will require a longer freezing time for each batch of Quick Pops.

*We used frozen cherries for this recipe. Please note that the mixture will be thicker when frozen cherries are used. If you find your mixture to be too thick, simply thin it down with a little more limeade. The color of your Cherry Limeade Quick Pops will vary depending on the variety of cherries you use. We recommend tasting the base before filling the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. If your cherries are nice and sweet you won’t need added sugar. If you find your base needs to be sweetened up, simply add in a little sugar or agave until you reach your preferred level of sweetness. 

Start making pops in as little as 7 minutes on your countertop. The Quick Pop Maker is available for purchase here

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Posted on: June 12, 2013