Zoku Partners with the Eden Reforestation Projects

Trees are cool! That’s why we decided to plant them.

Zoku is excited to announce our Trees Are Cool tree planting campaign in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. For every one of our Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel bottles purchased, Zoku will plant a tree on your behalf. By choosing to use a Zoku bottle, you are significantly reducing the use of single use plastic and are also giving back to the planet.




Trees Keep the Earth Cool

Trees enrich our lives in so many ways that are visible and invisible. They are the quiet and mighty heroes of planet earth. They produce oxygen and consume CO2 helping to make our planet cooler, They literally provide the necessary environment for life to thrive on earth. They create habitats for wildlife, protect land and shorelines from erosion, and beautify landscapes. 




Helps Local Communities

In many parts of the world rapid deforestation has led to topsoil erosion threatening farmers ability to grow food. Mangrove forests are threatened and help protect breeding grounds for all kinds of birds and marine life. Planting trees in these sensitive areas will help rebuild not only these delicate ecosystems, but will also help grow the local economies close to the forests.




Trees Are a Part of Everyday Life

In addition to environmental protection, trees provide materials for countless products we use every day. Our homes, furniture, sports equipment, and musical instruments can all be made from wood. They even provide a sturdy place to tie our hammock to, or a quiet retreat to play an acoustic guitar under.


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