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People are increasingly looking for ways to reduce waste in cooking, cleaning, food storage and more, and in extremes of weather, convenience can make a big difference. One way to practice environmentally-conscious eating and sustainability during a long, hot summer is to create eco-friendly frozen treats.
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Sure, you can’t go wrong with a hot cup of coffee. But sometimes a frosty cup of joe is exactly what you need!

Especially in the warmer months, many people find themselves wondering how to make iced coffee at home rather than waiting in long lines at a cafe. Skipping the coffee shop is also a great way to save some cash—those regular visits to your barista add up!

While leaving a glass of hot coffee in your fridge for hours is certainly an option for at-home iced coffee, the real challenge is finding a way to turn your piping hot beverage cold in just a few minutes. After all, you want to enjoy your iced coffee now—not later tonight!

The good news is you have several options for quickly cooling down your coffee. In today’s post, we’ll talk about three popular approaches, including a method for how to make iced coffee without ice!

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When it comes to frozen treats, there is simply nothing like a slushy! The perfect mix of slurpable and scoopable, slushies were first invented in the 1950s by Omar Knedilik. Omar came up with the idea when the soda fountain broke at the Dairy Queen franchise he owned and operated, forcing him to store his beverages in the freezer in order to keep them cold. The result was a partially frozen drink that his customers absolutely loved!
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Ever wondered how to pack a waste-free lunch? It can sound like a daunting task, but it’s actually much easier than you would think! There are tons of effortless eco-friendly swaps you can make that not only help the planet, but can also elevate your dining experience. Here are six easy eco-swaps perfect for anyone who wants to start packing a zero-waste lunch from home.
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Sure, virtual events have been around for a long time. But no one could have expected the extent that they would be used - to the point that where we are now hosting baby showers online. Zoku Team Members, Brian and Olga, share their experiences in this brave new world of virtual events.


By Industrial Designer at Zoku

Living in NYC, I am exposed to so many great food options from around the world and with a tap of my smartphone I can have it delivered right to my doorstep.


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Make unique pops fast with our easy-to-use tools. Neatly pour juice and make flavored core pops (aka creamsicles), apply fruit slices and stenciled cut-outs or make pops with cool angles. The only limit is your imagination!

What’s included:

• 3 drip-free Zoku pour cups for neat and accurate pours.

• 1 heart and 1 star stencil.

• 1 Fruit Wand to easily apply stencil cutouts and fruit slices.

• 1...

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The Quick Pop™ Maker is very easy to use, however on occasion you may experience trouble getting a pop to freeze. Below is a list of possible causes for uncooperative pops. Take a peek to try and decipher what’s going wrong.

It could be your equipment if…

  • Your freezer is not cold enough. Make sure your freezer is 0°F.
  • Your freezer is too packed with stuff. The Quick Pop™ Maker may not be able to...
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To ensure neat stripes when pouring, lean your pour cup right on the rim of The Quick Pop™ Maker. The steady balance will yield a clean, dripless pour. Wait for the layer to freeze completely before adding the next layer and do not move The Quick Pop™ Maker while layers are freezing.

Your stripes are going to be so nice, they’ll make zebras jealous! 

Striped Quick Pops

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Mmm, soda pops. They’re just what the doctor ordered - Dr. Pepper, that is! Here are some tips to ensure success when making a pop with your favorite soda:

Let the soda go flat before adding it to The Quick Pop™ Maker. This will eliminate pockets of air (bubbles) from your pops, resulting in a smoother texture and better taste. If the soda is not flat, the molds may overflow past the fill line and...

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Don’t know what kind of pops to make? Rest assured, we are working fast to come up with lots of great recipes for you and your family to enjoy. Visit our blog regularly for fun new recipes.

For now, we have four simple starter recipes for you to download here.

We’ll be back soon with more! Until then, don’t be intimidated by the Quick Pop™ Maker. Try freezing your favorite fruit juice or smoothie....

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