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It’s time to embrace the pop art movement with this easy-to-use tool kit. Let your Quick Pops be your canvas as you create flavored core pops, fruit pops, stencil stars or hearts, even stripes, and zig-zags. It’s never been easier to express yourself and enjoy your edible creations.

Instruction Manual

Product Details

Includes: 3 Drip-free Pour Cups, 1 Heart and 1 Star Stencil, 1 Fruit Wand, 1 Siphon, 1 Angle Tray
Care: Hand Wash
Model: ZK103

BPA and phthalate free 

How To

1. Use the drip-free Zoku pour cups for neat and accurate pours
2. Try the fruit wand to easily apply stencil cutouts and fruit slices
3. Use the siphon for making creamsicles and for pouring accurate layers with the angle tray
4. Angle the tray for making insane Zoku geometry