I can’t pull the Quick Pop™ out of the mold.

If the sugar content is too low, or if the ingredients are too soft (some types of ice cream, pudding, and yogurt) the pop may get stuck in the mold. Do not use extreme force or other tools to remove the pop or the stick and Super Tool may break. Simply defrost The Quick Pop™ Maker in warm water, remove the stick from the mold, and refreeze the unit.

If the mold is overfilled, if the sticks are not seated properly or if they are added after juice was poured, the Quick Pops™ may not come out. Be sure to place sticks in the mold before pouring juice into the molds.

Can I make sugar-free pops?

Natural sugar helps release the pops from the molds. Without any sugar the pops can be very difficult or impossible to remove from the Quick Pop™ Maker. Anyone who’s ever scraped ice off of a car windshield in the winter understands just how strong a bond ice will make even on the smoothest surfaces.

Any type of natural sugar will work and only a small amount is needed – Natural fruit juices contain natural sugar (apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, carrot juice, etc.) and work fine. Other healthy sweetener ideas are to add honey, molasses, maple syrup, agave nectar etc. to your pop recipes. It is important to note that not much sugar content is needed to make it work, we’ve had success with 75% water and 25% apple juice, so diluting fruit juices with water to reduce sugar content is acceptable. Another strategy to reduce sugar content without compromising flavor is to mix a sugar-free beverage with one that contains sugar.

Is the Quick Pop™ Maker BPA and Phthalate free?

Yes, it is BPA and Phthalate free.

Why can’t I use carbonated beverages?

Carbonated beverages have a tendency to overflow past the fill line. If a mold is overfilled it may be impossible to remove the pop, so we don’t recommend using them. Once a carbonated beverage is “flat” it is ok to use in the Quick Pop™ Maker.

Will alcoholic beverages work?

Alcohol freezes at a much lower temperature than water, but small amounts of alcohol mixed in with your pop recipe may work. We have had success with beer and wine, and some mixed drinks. Alcohol has a tendency to alter the texture and taste of the pop.

The Quick Pops™ take a very long time to freeze or won’t freeze at all.

  • The Quick Pop™ Maker was not completely frozen. Be sure to freeze the unit for 24 hours.
  • The freezer temperature is not cold enough. In order to properly freeze The Quick Pop™ Maker, your freezer needs to be set to 0°F or below, which is also the ideal temperature for food storage. Try placing the unit in a different part of the freezer; different parts of the freezer have different temperatures.
  • The ingredients are too warm.

The pop stick came out and the pop stayed in the mold.

The ingredients were not completely frozen or they were too soft for making a Quick Pop™ (ice cream, some types of puddings and yogurts may not work well). Try waiting longer before removing the Quick Pop™, or use different ingredients.

The tip of the Quick Pop™ stayed in the mold.

The pop stick was not fully inserted into the mold cavity. Be sure the pop stick is fully seated in the mold cavity BEFORE pouring the juice.

The second batch of pops doesn’t freeze.

Multiple batches of Quick Pops™ are possible if done in quick succession. Too much time between batches will cause The Quick Pop™ Maker to defrost. It is also possible that the temperature of your freezer is not cold enough, or The Quick Pop™ Maker was not completely frozen. Lower the temperature of your freezer to 0°F or less, and let the unit freeze for at least 24 hours.

The tabs on the stick will not sit properly in the mold.

Make sure that the sticks are inserted before pouring juice, and that there are no other ingredients at the bottom of the mold cavity (nuts, fruit, etc.). If sticks are not seated properly, the Quick Pops™ will not pull out.

My finger is stuck to the cavity.

If your fingers are stuck to The Quick Pop™ Maker, run your fingers under warm water. Do not touch the metal part of The Quick Pop™ Maker when it is frozen.

The Quick Pop™ Maker container is broken, and the liquid inside is everywhere.

The refrigerant liquid is non-toxic, but do not try to use The Quick Pop™ Maker any longer. It should be discarded immediately.

I lost my Super Tool/pop stick/drip cup.

Order replacement parts in our online store.

My stick broke while removing the pop.

It is possible to break the stick with the Super Tool when used with excessive force. Order replacement parts in our online store.

Uh Oh, My Quick Pop™ Is Stuck

Don’t Sweat It, Sometimes It Happens.

Here are some simple tips to ensure effortless pop removal:

  1. Read all instructions carefully
  2. Do not use beverages with artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, Splenda™, saccharin, etc. Plain water, carbonated beverages, or beverages that do not have enough sugar content may get stuck in
The Quick Pop™ Maker.
  3. Make sure the Quick Pop™ Maker is COMPLETELY DRY before putting it in the freezer. ANY moisture that remains in the Quick Pop™ maker’s molds prior to freezing it may prevent the Quick Pops™ from being removed.
  4. Do not fill past the fill line. If the molds are overfilled, the pops may be impossible to remove.
  5. Make sure the sticks are in place BEFORE pouring liquid into The Quick Pop™ Maker.
  6. If a pop is stuck, do not apply excessive force to the Super Tool or try to pry the pop out. Simply defrost
The Quick Pop™ Maker by running it under warm water and try again with another type of juice.
  7. The stick may slip out of soft ingredients such as ice cream and pudding. Check and see if the stick is slipping out of the Quick Pop™. If so, try other ingredients.

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