Strawberry Lemonade Quick Pops Recipe

You know how certain foods can conjure distinct memories? Strawberry lemonade reminds me of endless summers as a kid, trying to sell ten cent cups of it on the sidewalk to passersby. The thrill of one little sale would keep my sisters and I sitting outside all day long. Well, summer is on its way once again and these pops are a perfect way to celebrate its arrival.

Tip:When making pops with fresh...

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How To Make a Soda Pop... Pop

Mmm, soda pops. They’re just what the doctor ordered - Dr. Pepper, that is! Here are some tips to ensure success when making a pop with your favorite soda:

Let the soda go flat before adding it to The Quick Pop™ Maker. This will eliminate pockets of air (bubbles) from your pops, resulting in a smoother texture and better taste. If the soda is not flat, the molds may overflow past the fill line and...

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I Have a Quick Pop™ Maker... Now What Do I Do?

Don’t know what kind of pops to make? Rest assured, we are working fast to come up with lots of great recipes for you and your family to enjoy. Visit our blog regularly for fun new recipes.

For now, we have four simple starter recipes for you to download here.

We’ll be back soon with more! Until then, don’t be intimidated by the Quick Pop™ Maker. Try freezing your favorite fruit juice or smoothie....

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Introducing Zoku™ & The Quick Pop™ Maker

Zoku™ is a unique and multidimensional collective consisting of a hybrid of design, engineering and business talents - all of whom have one thing in common: creating solutions for the home that make life easier and more fun. Our first product introduction is The Quick Pop™ Maker. It freezes ice pops in as little as seven minutes right on your countertop without electricity. Quickly make striped...

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